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Success With Pure Herb V.V.H.-W For Peripheral Vascula Disease PDF Print E-mail

I was diagnosed with Peripheral Vascular Disease when I was 35 years old. A disease that effects the valves in the veins, not to open and close properly.

This in turn causes varicose veins, phlebitus and eventually ulcerations. In the last 16 years, I have suffered with these conditions with long hospital stays, weeping ulcerations, painful phleblitus and many IV's of multiple antibiotics.

This condition would usually occur every one to two years. I was introduced to Pure Herbs by a coworker of mine.

I tried the Pure Herb V.V.H.-W for vascular problems five years ago, with amazing results. The ulcerations healed, the skin color went to a normal flesh tone, the swelling and edema dissipated and the pain miraculously disappeared.

I now use the Pure Herb V.V.H.-W every four months as a preventative booster. I can't believe I'm doing miles of walking and playing racquetball twice a week and just plain living and enjoying my life again.

This formula worked miracles for me!

p.s. I stress that you use the product religiously and according to the dosage provided.

--S.K., Roseville, MI [USA]