Healed People, Heal People

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What would it look like for your workplace to have an efficient workflow? What would it look like for your leadership to lead with integrity and by example instead of by a forceful, toxic, abusive authority because of their position? What would it look like for an unprofitable team or business unit to produce profit?

Here are some simpler questions. Wouldn’t it be nice to actually enjoy the team you work with? Wouldn’t it be nice to have fewer or no doctor’s appointments because you’re no longer stressed in your work environment. Talking about stress is so commonplace that most Christians overlook the fact that stress is a sin. Yes, a sin that needs to be confessed.

Let’s try stating this one more way. Whatever an employee doesn’t deal with in their personal life is carried to the workplace. Now, let’s drill this down further to Christians. Every Christian who doesn’t deal with their personal, one-on-one issues, treks them right into the workplace daily. As you know, businesses have small numbers of employees to thousands. Given this, isn’t it easier to see why our workplaces now have so many issues that have nothing to do with work itself.

The same biblical principles that are applied to a person’s life, can be applied to a team within a company or the entire organization. There are national and global testimonies of churches, for-profit businesses, non-profit organizations and companies that have applied these biblical principles beginning with the leadership to transform their business.

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