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Pure Herb Virginia Snake Root Used for Food Allergies PDF Print E-mail

Additional uses for the Pure Herb Virginia Snake Root: I have a client who has dealt with both environmental and food allergies/sensitivities for many years.

This wonderful woman, coming from a Jamaican background, is delightfully unaffected by the sensationalistic media which aims to frighten people away from herbs.

After she had made marked improvements with detoxification, she still had some problems with certain foods and environmental symptoms.

After supplying her with the Pure Herb Virginia Snake Root to have on hand in case one  of her smaller children should need an anti-poison remedy for mosquito bites or accidental ingestion of toxic materials; she surmised [I wish I had thought of this] that the body regards any material that is either undigested or an overload to a sensitive or toxic body, as poison that Virginia Snake Root may be helpful to neutralize the reaction to your body.

Now she carries it with her when out to dinner, for instance, so sthat she can immediately neutralize the percepted poisons and avoid symptoms.

So please keep Virginia Snake Root in your herb cabinet for those times when allergies prevail.

The herb can be taken both internally and applied topically for whatever the situation demands.

--  Dr. G.R, N.D, Hartland, WI [USA]