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For Front Page Article  NO More FLU SHOTS dreamstime xl 19015636My husband recently had the flu. Because of what I know about flu shots, we do not take them.

Although he is never sick, walks every day and eats right, he had been under a great deal of stress at work and had been in a really bad mood for months.

He hed a fever the second night of over 101. I put him in a Ginger and epsom salt bath to sweat out his fever. Epson salt is not to be used with diabetics.

I did this not to get rid of the fever, but to bring it down. He also did garlic suppositories as an antibiotic.

On the second day, he bagn talking the Pure Herb Wild Rose Hips [10 - 20 drops every couple of hours].

He also stayed away from sugar [which suppressese the immune system. After two days the flu symptoms were over, but wait, it gets better.

He has been carrying a small bottle of the Pure Herb Wild Rose Hips and taking drops throughout the day.

He told me this morning it is acting as an anti-inflammatory and that his joints no longer hurt.

He is feeling better and his mood has improved tremendously. He is so excited that he read up on the Pure Herb Wild Rose Hips and found out that in addition to giving a sense of well being and acting as an anti-inflammatory, the Pure Herb Wild Rose Hips is also a poison antidote.

Thanks Pure Herbs for making another one of God's natural products available.

-- Lynette O., CNHP, Cartersville, GA