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The Chief Servant Officer of Healed People, Heal People was living what many would call a normal life. Normal being -- employed with a good job, a nice home, in regular service at the local church and having okay relationships with the family. Knowing that okay was not the optimum for family relationships as God intended, counseling began at an early age and continued through to adulthood.

One day the realization came that over a 15 year period, counseling was still being received for the exact same issues -- nothing had changed other than learning there was now a dire codependency on the counselor. So, you guess what happened -- another source of help was sought to learn how to not be dependent on the counselor.

Father God then taught a valuable lesson -- that all provision comes from Him. For 19 months, the Chief Servant Officer of Healed People was downsized from an incredibly satisfying job. Going to work daily, the leader forgot that God was the source of the money the job provided. One day while driving down the interstate in Tennessee, the Holy Spirit said, Ask Me for what you need daily. The leader relented and began to do that, almost in sarcasm, since no job offers had been made.

Each day upon awakening, the leader would tell Father God literally what was needed -- eggs, utility payment and gas for the lawn mower. This went on day after day after week after month after quarter and on into another year. You know what happened, right? The leader began to see that every need and some wants were being met even though there was no formal employment. There was a shift from being restless and anxious to walking in a peace and tandem with The Father.

Two jobs later in two states later the leader encountered a major life valley. There was constant struggle in the jobs, including forms of discrimination, that turned the leader's heart and attitude to anger and hatred.

Now unemployed again, the worst family crisis happens and now there's rock bottom. I mean absolutely no where to go -- no money, no job, no home, no church help, no support, no friends available, definitely no family, nothing.

The leader connected with Restoring The Foundations International to receive a week of confidential healing and deliverance ministry. Why this? Because answers were needed to these recurring problems on the job and in the family. Answers were needed for the continued encounters with different forms of racism and discrimination.

Answers were needed to stop the fruitless cycle of counseling. Answers were needed to learn how to disconnect the buttons that people purposely pushed. Guidance was needed to learn how to seek God instead of man first. Freedom was needed to dislodge the plaque of hatred and anger that collected over the decades towards everybody.

Healing was needed for the mountain of physical health problems that would not go away -- most believers have no idea that it is God's perfect will that we never get sick. And of equal importance, a permanent positive change was needed to simply have peace with oneself. This is what the leader gained through seven weeks or preparation and ministry.

The leader had no intentions on learning how to provide this same type ministry to others, but this ensued. The leader had no intentions on learning how to train others. The leader had no intentions on studying to learn how to help businesses in the marketplace with these same principles. The leader had no intentions on leading a 501c3 marketplace ministry headquartered in Tennessee. It's all here now, says Father God, and is operating.

Can I share with you, Beloved reader, how rewarding it is to see people's lives changed who have struggled with issues since birth? Can I share with you how we celebrate when a business owner says that their goal has now been achieved?

Can I share with you how we rejoice when a person who was in excruciating pain reports the pain is gone, the doctor has decreased or removed their meds, or their disease or illness has been healed by the Holy Spirit! We at Healed People, Heal People understand we are facilitators -- tools if you will -- being used to serve the marketplace.

Healed People, Heal People welcomes your prayers, encouragement and support. Life is so much more enjoyable now! and we decree this shall be so in your life too -- once you make a decision to appropriate the healing, freedom and deliverance that is waiting for you.

Healed People, Heal People is a Christian online marketplace and resource that will help you address the foundations of your life so that you will be able to live a more spiritual, full and happy life. We do that by training business and church leaders and laypeople alike the teachings of the bible, offering spiritual guidance and deliverance; and assist with helping people who are in their darkest days whether it be because of health or relationship issues. We offer over 400+ of the best and most pure herbs in our marketplace that treat over 400 physical, mental, emotional issues as well as kidney problems, cancer therapies and menopause alternatives and natural herbs for tumors.