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For Front Page Article Chiggers 14238689I had been caring for an elderly parent and had a few hours off. I wanted to get outside for a bit so my sister and I laid out at a park.

My sister had a blanket and I just had a large towel. I had seen ducks over in that area just a half hour before and wondered if we should find a better place.

It didn't take long to discover that a better place would have been a good idea! My entire stomach area was covered with chigger bites [at least 30 of them] and wow was it miserable!

I didn't want to cover that many bites with nail polish because of the chemicals.

When I got home I found some of my Pure Herb Big Five and applied it twice because once wasn't enough. Following the second application the pain started to cease.

Note: Don't overuse because it did burn for awhile, about a half hour, and the skin was red after the second application.

If you use the Pure Herb Peppermint Oil or peanut oils before putting on the Pure Herb Big Five you will help prevent the redness.

It did kill them by morning thought and the swelling was down! By the third day there was no sign of them left.

Also, I want to tell you to be careful not to get the Pure Herb Big Five in your eyes.

Make sure you wash your hands immediately following all applications of it.

Also, it is for external use only.

--  B.R., Kentucky