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Financial Giving

Healed People, Heal People is a new 501c3 marketplace ministry. Healed People, Heal People is a Christian online resource to address the roots of life's problems. Improve your health and relationships through Healed People.

We welcome your cash and gift contributions. Gift contributions include in-kind donations such as equipment, furnishings, land, property and professional services, etc. Contributions are tax deductible as allowed by the Internal Revenue Service. Give your financial gift by selecting the donate button below or mail your gift to Healed People, Heal People, 3345 Clovercroft, Murfreesboro, TN, 37130. Thank you for your support; we appreciate it.

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Simplified Giving
As a service to you -- in response to requests to simplify the process of giving -- you can authorize Healed People, Heal People to debit your bank card automatically each month. By clicking the subscribe button below you authorize Healed People, Heal People to debit your account on the date you specify monthly. You understand that this agreement remains in effect until you provide written notice and that any changes may take up to four weeks to process. Thank you for your support; we appreciate it.

Healed People, Heal People Monthly Donation Amounts
accountability, denial, itching ears


Please remember Healed People, Heal People in your will. A bequest provision in your will can designate that a property or certain amount of money or stocks will be given to Healed People, Heal People upon your death. Thank you for being a visionary with a kingdom mindset who ensures that marketplace ministry and training continues to equip believers; we appreciate it.


What we know at Healed People, Heal People is that everything must be birthed in prayer before it's birthed in the natural. Through other marketplace ministries, we have tangibly and supernaturally seen the undeniable difference prayer makes in serving people. We welcome your strategic prayers of support and encouragement. Below are seven core things you can pray about.

1) For the Holy Spirit to appoint the current and future board of directors

2) For the Holy Spirit to provide His wisdom and spiritual understanding to the board of directors

3) For those who serve in any capacity of Healed People, Heal People to walk in moral integrity

4) For the Holy Spirit to provide land, buildings and supplies for Healed People, Heal People

5) For those who have a calling to healing and deliverance to answer their call and be fully trained and developed

6) For those who desperately need ministry, training or consulting to move forward to receive their confidential ministry, training and consulting

7) For people, leaders and organizations who receive ministry, training and consulting to be adamant about thriving in their new freedom by being active and intentional in their walk out

Thank you for your support; we appreciate it.

Volunteer Opportunities

Do the challenges facing business leaders, church leaders, the many isms between the different groups of people and your own private struggles concern you? Are you looking for a way to honor God with your time and talent, while making a difference? We know of a way! Partner with us at Healed People, Heal People!

We have volunteer opportunities to serve locally at our Nashville, TN, location. Please sign up for free here to become a member. You'll receive monthly information about Healed People, including encouragement and resources. Thank you for your support; we appreciate it.

Praise Reports

Healed People, Heal People welcomes your praise report. It is encouraging for others to learn how your life, your health and your relationships have positively changed. You can send them by fax to 1.801.925.2850 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Thank you for your support; we appreciate it.