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Hello Beloved reader,

Thank you for taking time to learn what it's like to receive healing and deliverance ministry. After reading what’s below, if you have more questions, submit your questions here. A response will be posted on the forum to registered members.

What options are available to receive healing and deliverance ministry in Nashville, TN, or another city?

Option no. 1 to receive ministry

Option one is to receive thee hours of ministry for one issue in your life. First, you should confirm with the Holy Spirit what one issue in your life you should receive ministry for, then complete this ministry application. Prior to receiving ministry, you'll be required to read Biblical Healing & Deliverance, which can be ordered here. Your ministry team may have other prerequisites for you to fulfill before coming for ministry. The ministry donation is $200 for three hours of ministry for one issue.

Option no. 2 to receive ministry

Option two, which is more popular, is to receive a week of ministry. During these five days of ministry you choose several issues affecting your life. You should confirm with the Holy Spirit what issues to include on this downloadable ministry application. If you're married, ministry with your spouse is encouraged for the maximum benefit. However, spouses do come for their own personal ministry alone.

Yes, the ministry can be done in fewer days, but this is not suggested. You'll need ample time each day to be alone with the Holy Spirit. As well, you’ll need time each day to do any homework that may be assigned. Your ministry is scheduled for the days and time most convenient for you.

As a couple, you’ll have an initial joint session together and an ending joint session together. All of your other sessions as a couple will be separate, private and confidential. Your ministry team cannot and will not share the confidential information that is shared in your private session with your spouse. The only way your spouse will know what you shared in your separate sessions is if you tell them.

The ministry donation for a week of ministry is $1,000 or $2,000 for a couple. If you have questions, please call 615. 260.2699.

What about ...

Yes, arrangements can be made for a ministry team to come to you; this involves more expenses.

No, ministry is typically not scheduled immediately because of the needed preparation time to customize your ministry and pray with the intercessors before you come.

Yes, children receive ministry, and parents are not in the ministry sessions with the child. The child, as well, has the privilege of privacy in their ministry sessions.

No, parents and children coming together to receive ministry at the same time is not encouraged. Scheduling ministry sessions at different times is the best option for all involved.

We encourage you not to only look at the natural if you're not able to pay the ministry donation for the services. Yes, we are a marketplace ministry that incurs normal business expenses to operate. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to meet this need.

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