Healed People, Heal People

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Healed People, Heal People will be the premiere Christian establishment globally where people in leadership and non-leadership positions can receive confidential healing and deliverance ministry, training, education or consulting so they'll be equipped to serve more effectively in their leadership positions. Healed People, Heal People can help you address the foundations of your life and heal your HEALTH and your relationships.

Ministry Services

• Three hours of ministry for one issue

• One week or five days of ministry for several issues

• Group ministry for one specific issue

Groups include teams within companies, auxiliaries within churches, family reunions, group cruises, retreats, anniversary celebrations, strategic planning sessions, annual meetings, regional meetings and community organizations.

Training Services

• Introductory level of training for those who desire to help people with healing and deliverance issues

• Activation seminar

• Transforming Your Life seminar

• Ministry demonstration

Education Services

• Why Is It So Hard To Forgive teaching

• The Basics In Understanding Generational Curses or Iniquities teaching

• Why The Enemy Chooses Your Body As The Preferred Method To Destroy You teaching

• The Basics In Understanding That Diseases And Illness Are Spiritually Rooted teaching

• Identifying And Removing Word Curses In Your Everyday Relationships teaching

• How Your Family Or Church Can Operate Better Once You Identify And Remove The Occultic Influences teaching

• Understanding How The Other Kingdom Affects Your Daily Life teaching

• Ungodly Attitudes

Consulting Services

• Transforming Your Business: Identifying The Root or Foundational Issues Affecting Your Business, Church or Organization