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    May I share something with you that I learned about smoking? Father God created human beings and that includes our lips. One of the purposes of our lips is for legitimate nurture. For example, new born babies use their lips to drink breastmilk from their mother. We as believers are very clear that satan is a deceiver. That being said, most of us address smoking and quitting smoking from the natural. Let's step it up a notch believers and look at the spiritual side of smoking.

    Let's learn the history of tobacco. So -- what's my point, what road am I winding down? More often than not, those who smoke any type of substance are people who desperately need nurturing in their life. Seek first the love of God and seek people in your life who are confident in God's love for them. They are in a position to deposit love into your life, if you'll allow them.

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    You understand if you are on this Web site that our focus is to deal with the spiritual roots of believers' problems. If anything else is dealt with, it's virtually a waste of time, because the core roots of the problems are still in place. The spiritual root of pornography is not sex or lust. Any person engaged in any type of pornography is simply in need of authentic Godly love that they are not experiencing. That's it. Simple.