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You’re familiar with the expression we hear so often, "Hurt people, hurt people." Well, we know that's true because we see that reality played out every day -- in our own homes, in our families, on television, with celebrities and even more sadly in our churches. And -- hurting people, hurt people plays out even in the workplace.

Now, in reality, we know that healed people do not heal people. Rather, the Holy Spirit, after healing people, uses these people as trained and certified facilitators to lead others through the integrated healing and deliverance process. We all know that the Holy Spirit is actually The Healer, right?

Healed People, Heal People is an organization birthed out of a vision given by the Holy Spirit in 2002 that later developed through the teaching and training through Restoring The Foundations International and Be In Health Global. In the meantime, the vision has been clarified and focused after the Chief Servant Officer of Healed People, Heal People completed training at Restoring The Foundations.

Healed People, Heal People can help you address and heal the roots of your life: your Health and Relationships through spiritual counseling and herbal products.

Healed People, Heal People provides over 400+ natural herbs that can help treat or cure over 400 physical, mental and emotional issues. These are natural solutions WITHOUT side effects of prescription medications. Cancer alternative herbs, kidney problems, female problems, menopause alternatives and natural herbs for tumors.


Healed People, Heal People is the premiere Christian establishment of global locations where people in leadership and non-leadership positions can privately arrange for confidential, integrated healing & deliverance ministry so they can resume their leadership positions more effectively.


Healed People, Heal People serves Christian leaders and lay people by providing confidential, integrated healing and deliverance ministry so they’ll return to their families, organizations, communities, ministries and homes refueled and better-able to continue serving.

What does Healed People, Heal People produce?

I don't know if you've ever had the opportunity to be around a group of healed people on a regular basis. I don't know if you've ever had the sweet privilege of being part of a church where the leadership is healed and actively involved in continuing their healing process.

As we know, Christians are integrated into every facet of society, including the work place and the market place. I don't know if you've ever seen the ripple effects of having healed people in the workplace. Let me tell you, it's a beautiful thing. If you want to see productivity and less stress, which means decreased benefits costs, then you're very much interested in availing yourself to the integrated approach to healing & deliverance.

Why is there health related information on this site?

You’re familiar with the John 10:10 verse that states the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy. Well, one of the simplest ways stealing, killing and destroying takes place in your life is through your body. Did you know the Bible has an extraordinary amount of information about our bodies, diseases, illnesses, our mind and even our bones and immune system? Do you remember that the early church parishioners went to the priests first if there was an issue with one of their bodies? Well, wonder why church members in the 21st century do not go to their pastors first.

Could it be the pastoral leadership is physically sick as well? Could it be that no one in the church has studied what the Bible teaches on how to rid our bodies of disease and illness? Could it be that psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors and psychics really pastor our churches? Now why would a statement so bold as that be presented. Because Christians go to those group of professionals first instead of the church.

One goal of Healed People, Heal People’s site is to provide factual knowledge and resources about how to have the best health that God intended. If you know the Bible is the truth and the only truth, you’ll want to prepare yourself to study.

Special Thanks

The board of directors of Healed People, Heal People expresses a sincere thanks to the faithfulness and dedication of Dr. Chester Kylstra, Betsy Kylstra, Henry Wright, Donna Wright, Restoring The Foundations’ global team and Be In Health Global's team. The teaching, training and mentoring of these organizations has provided a biblical foundation which birthed the organization Healed People, Heal People.

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Our organization is in the process of having our application reviewed by the Internal Revenue Service to receive non-profit 501c3 status. Once the 501c3 status is received, you will be able to claim this donation on your taxes. Thank you for supporting healing and deliverance training; and, thank you for supporting the ongoing work of lay people, business people and Christian people receiving lasting healing and freedom. To donate to Healed People, click here.

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