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Double Knee Replacement Better Using Pure Herb Arnica PDF Print E-mail

This is a testimonial about the wonderful [God given] Pure Herb Arnica.

My mother, who is obese, had double knee replacement. When she told me that she was going to have this procedure done, she also informed me that she would be going back to work in two to three weeks.

My mother, an RN, is a working home health provider and is on her feet alot. She also was an orthopedic nurse and understands about knees.

I disbelieved that she would need the Pure Herb Arnica to take away the shock and reduce the swelling.

She ordered a bottle of the Pure Herb Arnica and the Pure Herb Calendula for swelling and scarring. After the surgery, the doctor told her that they had put in a larger kness [a size six] and that the muscles and ligaments would stretch to compensate the larger size.

She moved to a rehab center after surgery. After the staples were out, she asked the nurse that was changing the dressing to apply the Pure Herb Arnica to teh bandage and tape it down.

That night shie, herself, applied the Pure Herb Arnica to the bandage and tape it down. That night, she, herself, applied the Pure Herb Arnica and rubbed it in.

The next morning the girl that does her therapy couldn't believe the difference in her flexion. She asked my mother, "What have you done?"

Then she measured the difference and the Pure Herb Arnica had increased her flexion 10 degrees. The staff were totally amazed at her progress and asked where they could get the Pure Herb Arnica.

My mother is now home and soon to be released to go back to work.

Thanks to God and Pure Herbs for making these herbs possible!

 --   M.N., Lewis, Iowa [USA]