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Be In Health, healing and deliverance training, educational teachingsThe following teachings can be scheduled from a Healed People, Heal People team.

Why Is It So Hard To Forgive teaching

Nothing is more irritating than a Christian saying, you just need to forgive and forget. Yes, that is true, but ohhh does it get to me like fingernails being run across a chalkboard. Why does it get to me? Because for the majority of my life, I've been a Christian and for the majority of my life, I operated out of a spirit of unforgiveness. I went through the practice of saying I forgive people; I went to church throughout every week of my life; I went to church conferences; I've always read the most popular Christian books -- and my god parents have always been pastors. So -- why did I live more than 30 years not knowing I had a spirit of unforgiveness? This teaching explores some simple facts regarding why churches are full of people who know to forgive but just can't seem to do so.

The Basics In Understanding Generational Curses or Iniquities teaching

What is the most overlooked thing not taught in the majority of churches? What is a really simple way many parishioners in churches can quickly gain some freedom in their lives? The breaking of generational curses. If you are breathing and came through the womb of a woman, you have generational curses that are active in your life. Accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior did not and does not nullify your generational curses. Accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior does give you immediate access to your authority through Him to break your generational curses -- and this isn't very time consuming. Understanding it takes some study. Nothing is more beautiful than seeing parent learn about their generational curses so their young children can have a better life.

Why The Enemy Chooses Your Body As The Preferred Method To Destroy You teaching

If I were your enemy, what would I want from you first? Your blood. Why do you think satan wants your blood? Because the life of your body is in your blood. And where does your blood have its origin? In the marrow of your bones. So, why is your marrow important? Because in your marrow you have red corpuscles that carry your oxygen and nutrients and your white corpuscles are part of your immune system.

So, if I were your enemy, the next logical question I’d ask is, how can I access your marrow? The best way satan and his demons can access your marrow [where your immune system is] is through controlling your thoughts. Well, how does the enemy control your thoughts? By indirectly using his [demonic] thoughts as if they are yours – he plants them in your mind.

Next, as your enemy I’ll create relationship breakups in y-o-u-r life. Then, I’m going to cause all types of conflicts in y-o-u-r life. I’ll even give you wrong things to say to cause people to react negatively to your wrong words. Then, I’ll give other people things to say to you to break up more of your relationships.

This teaching is foundational in understanding the base level of why you are physically sick. You should want to know this because the enemy has used it successfully in destroying and prematurely killing families and churches.

Identifying And Removing Word Curses In Your Everyday Relationships teaching

You know the God established the earth through speaking words. To this day, what we have and what we don't have is directly linked to the words that come out of our mouths. Many times, we will say to one another, I was just kidding. Well -- the enemy doesn't care if you were just kidding because he and his kingdom are legalists. If you said it, it's activated. This teaching tells how to recognize words curses and more importantly how to break them.

How Your Family Or Church Can Operate Better Once You Identify And Remove The Occultic Influences teaching

Enslavement of the mind is the most deadly kind of enslavement because the person so enslaved will not be able to see clearly for himself or herself. Occult means hidden, hidden knowledge, secret [hand shakes, oaths, words], pertaining to magic or astrology, and hidden from the eye and beyond the realm of human comprehension.

Freemasonry and the Eastern stars, the female auxiliary of the Masons, are a part of the occult, which is not of God -- it's supports the anti-Christ. The greek fraternities and sororities foundations are in Freemasonry.

As Christians, we know from the Bible that whatever is the head, whatever is the origin -- of anything -- has and is applicable to the rest of its body. If blessings come from the head, the body receive blessings. If anointing comes from the head, the body receives the results of anointing. If curses comes from the head, the body receives curses.

This head-to-body principle is set forth in the Bible. The head-body principle is applicable to God's churches around the world, because the church has its founder, Jesus Christ, as its head. The head-body principle is applicable to organizations, because all organizations have a head, a history and its founders.

The head-body principle is applicable to families, because whatever oaths and covenants the head of the family [the father] has taken, apply to the rest of the family. The Bible speaks clearly that each of us can choose blessings or curses.The enemy does not give you or the head of your family, church or organization a pass because you didn't know the full ramifications of what you were getting involved in. Remember, the word occult means hidden.

If the head, through his decisions, chooses blessings, the family, the church, the organization benefits. If the head, through his decisions, chooses curses [often disguised as community or socially benefiting], the family, the church, the organization benefits.

This teaching shares how the occult has been infiltrated in our families, churches and organizations. Often times, we wonder what's wrong and we continue to overlook the hidden occultism we've agreed with and invited into our lives.

Understanding How The Other Kingdom Affects Your Daily Life teaching

There's a show on television titled, The Curse of The Kennedy's. I scheduled my tv to remind me to watch it. While watching, I lost count how many times, the narrator said, even The Kennedy's knew some kind of curse was on there family. Some of the intellectuals who were part of  this two hour program flippantly said, that's none sense. I sat on my sofa in silence saying, oh how right you are.

There are two simple facts about the world -- there are two kingdoms that operate 24 hours a day.  They are the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of satan. This truth is referenced many times in the Old Testament and the New Testament. Although I'm not a sports fan, I know that teams study the games of the teams they are going to play. That being said, we as Christians should study our opponent.

This teaching is critical and very necessary if you plan on experiencing victory in the natural. Too many times, which is more like daily, we respond to everything going on in our lives in the natural only, instead of studying the enemy who clearly desires to kill, steal and destroy you, your family, your children and your destiny.

Ungodly Attitudes teaching

Have you ever wondered why things seems to keep getting broke and rebroken in your life, your family, your relationships, your workplace or your ministry? Many years ago, I remember reading an article titled, Your Attitude Can Get You Fired. I've never forgotten that article. Have you ever gone through a checklist of things that you're doing right and in the natural and things just don't seem to add up.

You have the right manners, network, connections, education, poise and social graces, but ... I decided to ask the Holy Spirit to tell me what's wrong. He answered quickly and He confirmed His answer saying, your attitude is ungodly. I appreciate that the Father said it in a nice way where I wouldn't choke on the response. He continued saying, your attitude doesn't align with the Bible i.e. even if I didn't say a word, my bad attitude was projecting from my human spirit wherever I went.

After I got over the shock, I did ministry on myself. I confessed my sin and knowing that this attitude is in my family, I confessed the sins of generations before me too. I renounced my agreement with my ungodly attitudes and continued my self ministry. Of equal importance, I asked the Holy Spirit to implant a new attitude within me, to rebrand my spirit with His right attitude.

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