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Burnt Legs At Work, Used Pure Herbs Big Five And Peppermint Oil, Now Better PDF Print E-mail


I sustained burns on both legs earlier this year at my place of employment. My pants caught fire and the fire went through my pant legs.

I didn't have any feeling in my legs where the burns took place, the doctor stuck pins in each leg and I could not fell it.

My wife started putting a combination of Pure Herbs on my legs which included: Herbal Adjustment, Peppermint Oil, Ol' Number 11, Big Five, Alfalfa and Oil of Cajeput.

My legs started to tingle immediately and after about a week the feeding started to come back. Also, my legs were black like charcoal in the burned areas.

After use once per day for approximately two weeks, the areas on my legs that were burned started to lighten up. 

Thank God for Pure Herbs!

-- P.M., Detroit, MI [USA]