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April 7, 2008

A. L. in Atglen, PA

Greetings in Jesus' name. We are firm believers in God's healing and your [Pure] herbs. I experienced twice how [the Pure Herb] Arnica works along with some of your other products as well. A couple of months ago I sprained my ankle on a missed step I made. By evening, I could not walk on my leg and I had horrible pain.

I rubbed [the Pure Herbs] Arnica, Peppermint Oil and Herbal Adjustment on my leg and wrapped it up. I only did it twice with the same three products as above and it worked! That too was healed totally the next day. My mom and sisters started to order your products too and they love them so much.

God bless your business!

Thank you for taking your time to read this Pure Herbs testimonial on Healed People.

ARNICA - Herb no. 1 in this testimonial

For external use only. Excellent first-aid for bruises, sprains, broken bones or concussions. Make several applications externally to the area until relief is felt. This is a very swift remedy. An overnight soak can be made for serious cases by putting 40 to 80 drops in ½ cup of water and dampening a cloth or gauze with the solution and covering the injured area. Cover this with plastic sandwich wrap and hold in place with a bandage. Change the dressing once a day and allow the area to dry before reapplying the dressing.

If the skin is sensitive, then apply Vitamin E oil [with Selenium] from 100 i.u. capsules prior to the dressing. The area can also be washed between dressings. Be sure to discard old dressings and never reuse. Most sprains respond rapidly and are usually corrected with a single overnight dressing or a simple single external application by rubbing in the drops.

Arnica can also be used on the pulse points - 5 to 10 drops on each wrist and temple and back of the neck for emotional and physical shocks, upsets, anxiety or when frightened. 1 to 5 drops a day reduces cholesterol when rubbed on the pulse points in a similar manner. For an excellent sore throat remedy, spray with a spray bottle the sore area, using a mixture of 10 drops of the extract to one tablespoon of water.

Dose | External use only

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PEPPERMINT OIL - Herb no. 2 in this testimonial

Is very aromatic, and highly concentrated. A single drop brushed on the back of the tongue releases a cooling burst of oxygenation. When rubbed on the neck and temples, headaches are eased. [Even better used with Herbal Adjustment as discussed elsewhere in this work]. Cuts mucus in the throat loose, drains sinuses.

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