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Knitbone, White, bark

April 17, 2009 | Customer in Greenville, OH

I'm writing to give my testimony regarding my 15-year-old son who had his front tooth knocked loose by accident while playing basketball. We had to have the dentist put the tooth back in place and brace it against the other two teeth. I started him right away on [the Pure Herbs] Knitbone, White Oak Bark and Olive Leaf every two hours for several days, then kept him on it three times daily for over a month.

The dentist was very skeptical that the tooth could be saved, giving it a 99% chance of dying! After two weeks of the Pure Herbs regiment, he was surprised that the tooth looked so good and reduced the chance of the dying down to 80%!

After four weeks, he took the brace off and said it looked really good and dismissed him. In the beginning, he had nothing to offer other than a round of antibiotics, which I declined.

I give credit to prayer and Pure Herbs for the healing of this tooth. It looks great and has tightened up and barring another injury, I believe it will be fine. We have also used other Pure Herbs products with much success. Even my skeptical husband and children now use [the Pure Herb] Olive Leaf regularly when they start feeling poorly.

Thank you for taking your time to read this Pure Herbs testimonial.

Knitbone | Pure Herb no. 1

Old bones, broken bones, old flesh and damaged flesh are replaced with new by virtue of the fact that Knitbone feeds only the best body cells and encourages thorough, rapid growth of healthy new cells, hence its title of cellular proliferant. Healing is swift when taken in sufficient quantity It is high in protein and is easily digested for any bodily repair.

Knitbone is a most remarkable healer and has proven itself effective in the regeneration of nerve and brain tissues and all other soft tissues and bones. Hence its common name, Knitbone. May be taken in large quantities as it is a nutritive, a food especially good for delicate digestive systems. Its chief healing ingredient [allantoin] is very soothing to any irritation, internal or external. It as well as Rose Hip is indeed body glue to prevent and correct wrinkling and aging. Enjoy it and live well

Note | Over the years, just about every herb we hold dear, to get ourselves well, has been attacked by scientists with 20/20 rifle barrel vision They have attacked apples, alfalfa, apricots, borage, capsicum, chamomile, coltsfoot, gravelroot, licorice root, lobelia, sassafras and now even comfrey, the gentlest and most comforting of herbs and seek to instill us with fear and self-doubt.

Even some herbalists, who should know better got on the bandwagon. They say comfrey has a deadly poison in it called pyrrolizidine alkaloids. If indeed, pyrrolizidine alkaloids do occur in healthy comfrey plants grown in healthy organic soil, then they are most assuredly antibiotics rendered harmless to us and guided by the dependable natural governing wisdom of the miracle that is comfrey.

All antibiotics are poisons. That is what the name means, anti [against] biotic [life]. an antibiotic kills the things that try to kill us. Beware of those who seek to separate us from our trust and belief in the Creator, and what has been given to us and take the Creator's place. Scientists can prove anything if they get the right test subjects, plants from sick soil, and set the experiment up just right and not give any other herbs that might help comfrey do its job.

The only qualified people to say if comfrey is good for you are the practitioners who give it and the people who take it and get well in record time. If scientists truly want to learn about herbs then they should approach the subject by learning to use them, with respect, an open mind and gratitude for what the Creator has given us. Then their scientific proof will look much different.

Dosage | 40 to 80 drops as needed with meals or externally as needed If poison ivy or poison oak, apply externally as needed.

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White Oak Bark | Pure Herb no. 2

American Indian knowledge employs White Oak Bark and other types of oak barks for swollen neck and gloiter [enlarged thyrold gland]. To correct bloody urine discharge due to ulcerated bladder as well as sinus, post nasal drip and varicose veins White Oak Bark is employed. White Oak Bark can be applied externally as well as internally with great benefit Externally, cover the area with Vitamin E with Selenium oil from capsule.

Soak cotton gauze in the extract and put over area after applying Vitamin E. Follow that with a plastic wrap and hold in place with a cloth wrap. White Oak Bark shrinks varicose veins and hemorrhoids. It is a powerful antibiotic for all infections. Its astringent qualities quickly stop diarrhea For swollen glands such as prostate or relaxed anus, the herbalist, Alma Hutchens, reports Oak Bark Tea often dissolves and remedies danagerous fistulas, such as anal fistulas [wild, alternate channel from the rectum to the outside of the body].

For this, the method to use is a Sitzbad [German word for sitz bath. Stay in this warm water for 15 to 45 minutes daily as needed Add additional hot water with White Oak Bark extract as needed to keep the bath warm. For sinus congestion and post nasal drip, or relaxed throat, one teaspoonful to 1/2 cup water as a gargle

Dose | 10 to 40 drops three to four times per day. If sinus problem crisis, 40 drops hourly until relief.

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Olive Leaf |Herb no. 3

The Olive Leaf in liquid extract form is renowned for defeating harmful micro organisms. As an antibiotic, it proceeds with equal ability against virus and bacteria and many types of fungal parasite problems. The Olive Leaf possesses the ability to disrupt the virus when it tries to reproduce and stops it in its tracks.

Users also report other categories of improvement, including increased energy with repair of heart and circulatory problems, and normalized blood pressure. Freedom from recurrence of colds and flu with fatigue and muscles soreness, demonstrate Olive Leaf's role in strengthening the immune system's scavenging ability.

Dose | 40 to 80 drops (3) times per day. 40 drops per day as a maintenance. 40 drops hourly, if continued antibiotic relief is needed.

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