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C.C.E.-W 1oz

C.C.E.-W  1oz
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Cleans blood, bowel, nerves and repairs them; Used as a life extender, an antibiotic, a poison antidote for bee stings and insects; For severe itching conditions like chicken pox; For hemorrhoids, hypertension, allergies

C.C.E.-W [cleansing corrective extract]

The most valuable cleansing corrective has roots in centuries in European herbal experience and studies in Northern Europe. The originators of this all-embracing liquid, Urban Hjarne, and Dr. Samst, reported nothing short of miraculous results. When used internally, regularly and daily, it has lead to a very extended and active life span.

Cleans blood, bowel, nerves and repair them. C.C.E.-W is an antibiotic, a poison antidote, and an outright corrective for numerous common and many baffling types of conditions. Its antibiotic activity is excellent. Poison antidote for bee stings and insects. Take internally and apply externally, as needed. It may be used externally as follows: apply Vitamin E oil to the area from 100 to 400 i.u. capsules. Then take cotton or guaze soaked in the liquid extract and place over the affected area. Cover with plastic and hold in place with a wrap overnight.

This Cleansing Corrective-W has been used on a wide variety of serious or hopeless problems with very favorable results. It is taken internally for many diverse problems. The following is a partial list: sinus, deformation of hands and legs, stiffness of joints, wounds, scars, diarrhea, arthritic complaints, sprains, loss of hearing, gall bladder attacks, blood clots, hemorrhoids, bad cells problems, head and brain disorders, digestive problems of all kinds, birthmarks, moles, liver spots, memory, loss of appetite, anemia and high or low blood pressure.

For severe itching conditions, such as chicken pox, paint C.C. E.-W on the areas with a q-tip or cotton bud to relieve the torment. Also, take for allergic reactions. For emergencies, or in a crisis condition, 1/2 ounce [one standard measure tablespoon] can be taken at once. If flu is threatening, take one tablespoon to prevent it or if it is in full progress, take one tablespoon every four hours, while awake, until the symptoms go away and stay away and get through the flu in record time.

It would be unusual to have to take C.C.E.-W more than three times in one day. Many times, in the early stages of flu, one tablespoon will just wipe it out. If needed to counteract a persistent threat, take one tablespoon, or more, until the flu no longer threatens. If a baby or small child objects to the taste, or if the person is bedridden and cannot take by mouth, then rub in sufficient quantity to cover the entire abdomen instead of taking internally. Please note, you will clean out large quantities of solid and liquid wastes, rapidly, which are the cause of the flu. Every time you flush these wastes away you can see what was tormenting the body and causing the flu.

C.C.E.-W is also an excellent daily regimen to keep the body clean and avoid many kinds of problems. C.C.E.-W is normally taken daily, such as each night, as part of a bowel maintenance program. Take [mercifully in juice] each evening in sufficient quantity to produce at least two, and preferably three, bowel movements per day. This may not be a civilized idea, but is a good health idea and good habit. In so-called primitive societies, where there are an abundance of natural foods and fiber, there are on an average of three bowel movements per 24 hours.

In these societies, they simply do not have many of the diseases we suffer from in modern civilized society: the hemorrhoids, skin conditions, hypertension, allergies, etc. They don't even have names for them. The concept here is, when you put something into the body, then you should evacuate something so the wastes do not back up and cause a breeding ground for putrefaction and diseases. By observation of healthy functioning systems, such as with a new born baby [unpolluted by junk food], if you feed the baby, then be prepared to diaper at the same time, or if you feed the dog [unless you feed him the same kind of food you are eating] then you must be prepared to walk the dog.

If there are three meals per day then we want three bowel movements per day. Then, most of the hysterectomies, prostate operations, yeast miseries, bowel bad cells, eczema, psoriasis, parasite problems and fully 1/3 of all the diseases listed in medical books can be avoided. Remember here, the time-honored wisdom, miseries missed are blessings received too.

Combination includes | There are many types of cleansing corrective combinations around. This is one of the most common and best. Aloe, Angelica, Camphor, Carline Thistle, Manna, Myrrh, Rhubarb Root, Saffron, Senna, Theriac and Zedoary.

Regular dosage | 10 to 80 drops each evening. For more involved conditions, up to one tablespoon, as necessary, to obtain desired activity, for as long as necessary. If you need it, you need it. For a complete bowel maintenance program, take four to six capsules of Psyllium and four to six capsules of Alfalfa. Psyllium acts as a lubricating, internal exercising bulk and the Alfalfa as a deordorizing scrub brush. Be sure to take a large glass of water with the Psyllium so it can do and so it does not gum up. For all other uses, use as given above.

Serious dosage | Externally as given above. Internally take one teaspoon three times per day the first week. Two teaspoons, three times a day the second week. One tablespoon, three times per day until condition is corrected. For serious conditions at the start, up to one tablespoon three times per day. In emergency situations, two tablespoons at once on the tongue or in fluid. For daily maintenance of a healthy system, one to three teaspoonsful. If flu symptoms occur, then two teaspoons to one tablespoonful every three to four hours while awake until symptom free.

This information is about historical observations and historical information relating to herbs. This information is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice by licensed physicians. A person should consult a physician regularly in all matters relating to medical problems, especially in matters of diagnosing, treating or curing diseases or other physical or mental conditions. This information has not been verified by the American Medical Association or the Food and Drug Administration.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews:

VolunteerHP  (Friday, 29 April 2011)
Rating: 5
June 03

My daughter and son-in-law were so sick with the flu that they called my husband and me at 10:30 p.m. to drive the half hour to their house to take them to the hospital even though they know we both work and were already in bed.

They felt awful; loose bowels, dizziness and they couldn’t even keep fluids down. We were exposed that night and I took off the next day to go stay with them to take care of my four month old grandson.

My husband and I took one Tablespoon of C.C.E.-W once a day for one week. Praise the Lord and Pure Herbs neither one of us got even a touch of the flu.

—M. C.
Beech Grove, IN

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