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Allergies arrow A.E.A.-B 1oz
A.C.S. [All Cells Salt] Capsules 100 countA.E.A.-B 4oz

A.E.A.-B 1oz

A.E.A.-B  1oz
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A.E.A.-B 1oz

A.E.A.-B  1oz

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For allergies and those who suffer from respiratory problems; Opens breathing passages; Drives the herbs in and breaks loose dried and or congestive mucus

A.E.A.-B [allergy, emphysema, asthma]

Is a formula distinguished by its success. It was developed by the noted American herbalist and natural practitioner, Dr. William Horosh for alleviating adverse conditions that primarily attack the respiratory system and those who suffer from allergies.

A.E.A.-B is in demand especially during the spring and late summer months when pollen, mold spores, dust and various types of debris are a plague to many. A.E.A.-B helps during the winter months, when the dry, stale air of artificial heating is constantly re-circulated and aggravates breathing problems.

A.E.A.-B contains two lung herbs which immediately open breathing passages: Indian Tobacco and Bitter Orange. Indian Tobacco relaxes spastic airways and rids them of hard, dried mucus. Bitter Orange works by actively opening respiratory passageways and acting, in many ways, like a natural cortisone. Licorice Root nourishes the adrenal glands, one on top of each kidney, so that they can make more than two dozen different anti-stress compounds, including your own natural cortisone.

The combination, Herbal Adjustment, within this combination, immediately increases circulation and thus, oxygenation and carries the other herbs of this combination into the tissues. Wild Rose Hips contain a complete form of natural Vitamin C that protects, repairs, prevents and corrects fragile capillaries [tiny, delicate, thin, work horse blood vessels which connect the arteries and veins and get blood down to the cellular levels].

The lungs contain an army of these capillaries and it is here that oxygen is absorbed and the waste gas carbon dioxide is released. This produces the energy to power the process of life and for correction and refreshment of a tired and exhausted system.

Combination includes | Indian Tobacco, Herbal Adjustment, Bitter Orange, Wild Rose Hips, Licorice Root

Dose |40 to 80 drops as needed. As a maintenance, 40 to 80 drops, 3 times per day. A.E.A.-B can also be rubbed into the chest externally, front and back, several times per day for a continuing corrective action. After applying A.E.A.-B, place a cotton towel on the chest and wear a warm natural fiber garment. This helps to drive the herbs in and breaks loose dried and or congestive mucus.

Note | When using A.E.A.-B avoid contact with eyes, underarm and private areas. If an accident, no permanent damage is known to occur, but there is the sensation of great heat due to the Herbal Adj. portion of this formula and a person might panic if they don't know this. Have patience and calm will return.

This information is about historical observations and historical information relating to herbs. This information is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice by licensed physicians. A person should consult a physician regularly in all matters relating to medical problems, especially in matters of diagnosing, treating or curing diseases or other physical or mental conditions. This information has not been verified by the American Medical Association or the Food and Drug Administration.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews:

VolunteerHP  (Wednesday, 27 April 2011)
Rating: 5
December 2002

In 1990 my wife was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver by biopsy. With medicines given by doctors she held her own until 2000, at which time she started to have other multiple problems which placed her on the transplant list for a liver.

After a year and a half on the transplant list she was further diagnosed with primary pulmonary hypertension. After numerous stays in the hospital, additional medicines and being put on oxygen full time, the doctors determined she wasn’t strong enough to go through a liver/lung
transplant and took her off the transplant listing.

The last time in the hospital was July 2002 and when I brought her home she was in an essentially comatose state, sleeping all the time and not able to move around by herself. The doctors called and said she had only weeks to two months left.

As this was totally unexceptable, we decided to go another route. On August 3, 2002 we went to an iridologist and went on an herbal program. After one week she could breathe and move around by herself. It is now October 12, 2002 and we are still holding in there.

We are still a long way from being cured, if possible, but the outlook is sure better than the doctors gave us. A listing of Pure Herbs products used: A.E.A.-B, L.-W, HT. Combination, Herbal Adjustment,P.C.-C, Red Clover Blended, Milk Thistle plus other enzyme formulas and minerals.

Note | Blood tests are still showing high readings, but they are starting to come down some. Thank God, Pure Herbs and all the people that have helped us with prayers.

— D.F.
Buffalo, KY

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