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Bites, Insects, Parasites, Poisoning arrow Culver's Root [Black Root] 4oz
Cudweed (Life Everlasting) 4ozCulvers's Root [Black Root] 1oz

Culver's Root [Black Root] 4oz

Culver's Root [Black Root]  4oz
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Culvers's Root [Black Root] 1oz

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Used for stomach, liver, gall bladder, pancreas; Used to remedy fevers, worms, jaundice, swollen glands, infant diarrhea, chronic constipation, syphilitic impurities, sallow complexion, dull frontal headache, thick and white coated tongue and to remedy th

CULVER'S ROOT [Black Root]

This native North American plant is well established in Native American herbal medicine. In France, the herb is known, and appreciated, as Veronique and in Germany, as Leptandrawurzel. It was introduced by Dr. Culver into white man's medicine and is hence also known as Culver's Root.

In the South, where it is still used extensively in folk medicine, it is known as Black Root.

The very broad range of maladies, with seemingly no specific origin, which respond favorably to this herb, make it easy to understand why it is so widely and effectively used throughout the South for many kinds of the miseries. Certainly, Culver's Root is, observably, a good bowel cleaner, but much more.

It also works especially well on the vital area of the duodenum [first 12 inches of the small intestine], where acid treated food from the stomach meets with the anti-acid secretions in the small intestine and produce a great deal of the body's heat.

It is vital to the body that this area be balanced between acid and anti-acid activities, otherwise so many kinds of unpleasant disorders and just plain, feeling bad and miseries can occur.

Culver's Root works on lazy and or congested conditions of the stomach, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, both the small and large intestines and restores them to normal and balanced activity.

Here is a partial list of disorders for which Culver's Root is given effectively: to remedy fevers [including serious types], expel worms, jaundice [yellow whites of eyes and skin due to congested liver and gall bladder and or infection], swollen glands, infant diarrhea, chronic constipation, syphilitic impurities, sallow complexion, dull frontal headache, thick and white coated tongue and to remedy the condition of pleurisy [excess fluid accumulation around lungs and or heart, with stabbing pain and shortness of breath, short, dry cough, chilliness].

Dose | 40 to 80 drops each evening. Follow with a little juice, if desired, as its taste is bitterish and somewhat acrid. In stubborn cases, take 3 times per day. In serious cases, give hourly, as needed, 10 to 40 drops and at the same time rub into affected areas, [abdominal and or chest areas] in quantity needed to cover the area.

This information is about historical observations and historical information relating to herbs. This information is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice by licensed physicians. A person should consult a physician regularly in all matters relating to medical problems, especially in matters of diagnosing, treating or curing diseases or other physical or mental conditions. This information has not been verified by the American Medical Association or the Food and Drug Administration.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews:

Servant  (Saturday, 01 October 2011)
Rating: 5
This is a testimonial about my almost eight week old newborn.

At the time my newborn was eight weeks old, she was still jaundiced [slightly still in the eyes], and was demonstrating some mild reflux symptoms, requiring us to keep her in an infant seat to sleep.

She also had a thick white-coated tongue. I phone a friend and she suggested Culvers Root [Black Root] was common to all three problems!

I immediately ordered a bottle, and after simply rubbing the Pure Herb on the bottom of her feet and on her tummy area at diaper changes, we noticed her white tongue and jaundice all cleared withing two weeks!

Just proof again that God intended ... the leaves for healing. Ezekiel 47:12

-- J.O., Broomfield, Colorado [USA]

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