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Horsetail  1oz
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Kidneys, blood pressure, skin problems, elasticity of tissue, drive out heavy metals, contains M.S.M. [menthyl sulfonyl methane] for joint problems

HORSETAIL - Horsetail, also known as Shavegrass, bears the reputation of surgeon without a knife. When rolled between the fingers, the stems of the plant reveal its true nature of containing silicon, the same material, which makes sand and crystals strong and resilient. This natural crystalline structure not only supports the body and gives it a smooth finish, but acts as an internal surgeon to shave away unworthy tissues and slough them off. The body structure thus renewed has greater integrity and elasticity. 

At the rate of 40 drops per day, a smooth finish is given to the skin much like the surface of an apple, and provides the skin you love to touch. Nerves become very resilient, nails flexible and tough and hair becomes silky as is noted when rolled between the fingers. Allow up to four months or more of patience to see these changes. Horsetail is a a slow moving herb when it becomes part of these structures, you really have something you can count on. 

A maintenance amount then of 10 to 20 drops per day can maintain these desirable benefits. American Indian use for kidneys and fluid retention is well documented. Here 40 drops three times per day are recommended. The ingestion of Horsetail at the rate of 40 drops three times per day allows the body to cast out impurities of all kinds, including heavy metals and other pollutants through the bowel, urine, skin and nails and lungs. Horsetail is also known to restore joints and repair elastic tissue.

GENERAL NOTE | If through the continued used of Horsetail over a period of several months or years Mercury amalgam fillings drop out of the teeth, be glad you are free of this deadly posion. Replace with gold or inert plastics. In the study of the eye, called Iridology, when discolored rings occur around the outer edge of the blue or brown part of the eyes(s), it is called scurf rim. This is an indication of body pollution, which has settled in the skin area and can be cleansed effectively by Horsetail, if further contact with pollutants are avoided. 

Wear natural fiber underclothes and clothing. Horsetail also cleans out lead poisoning. Horsetail strengthens the lenses of the eyes and their other structures when taken internally. Horsetail, by removing congestion around blood vessels, normalizes blood pressure. Russian folk medicine experience indicates your choice of herbs for bleeding from teh stomach or the intestinal tract to e that of Horsetail. It also contain M.S.M. [Methyl Sulfonyl Methane] to remed joint problems.

SUGGESTED DOSE:   40 drops per day for skin and hair and nails. 40 drops three timess per day for more involved conditions.

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