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Protein 1oz

Protein  1oz
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Useful to slow down aging; Useful to heal injuries and surgical operations; Useful for high or low blood sugar levels; For women developing tissue integrity; Useful for true natural stamina

PROTEIN [contains milk & soy]  - (High quality pre-digested protein fraction of milk). Milk has often been introduced as Nature's most perfect food. It probably would be - if it could be digested. Eighteen per cent (18%) of the North American population, for instance, has a milk intolerance to cow's milk. That means, for them, milk is a foreign substance which cannot be properly digested. Hence, allergies, skin problems, colds, flu and worse occur. This is unfortunate when a person cannot eat the food which might help them. Milk was meant to be a fully sustaining diet for the young, in humans, for at least the first six months. Now, if you could find a way to digest milk, it could become one of the most important protein sources in the diet. A way has been found. Digestive enzymes (proteins that break down food substances) have been added to the finest proteins in milk. The result is a life-sustaining source of very high quality protein with very few calories. Remember, cancer patients die, finally, unless mishandled through ignorance, from protein starvation. This can be prevented by giving an adequate protein intake of high quality digested protein. For the normal person who wishes to slow down the ravages of aging and its sorrows, protein, vitamins and minerals come to the rescue. Take enough so that you see the difference. For training athletes, a protein supplement, plus protein in the regular food, gives a double intake of protein for rapid development. Heal injuries and surgical operations quickly with increased protein intake. To stabilize high or low blood sugar levels, an adequate amount of high quality protein intake, taken frequently and well digested, is vital for normalization of either condition. For young women developing tissue integrity, protein is a must. It may take several months to re-develop true natural stamina from adding adequate protein to the diet, or longer, if under continuing stress. Think about it. A person could have gotten worse under stress. To not get worse and actually get ahead of the game is quite something. At any rate, what else would you have been doing? Hence, be patient and rich rewards will be yours, my friend.

DOSE:   40 to 80 drops, daily, following meals, or if need be, in place of meals. If diabetic (high blood sugar) or hypoglycemic (low blood sugar), then up to 1 tsp. or more taken 5 times per day.

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