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GO.-W 1oz

GO.-W  1oz

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Instant energy for the adrenal glands; Sweeps away fatigue products; Provides spark to drive oxygen to the brain and vital organs

GO.-W (Go! Herbal Stimulant) - There are times when an individual must rely on a stimulant to fulfill their commitments and duties. The trouble with most stimulants, such as coffee and tea, is they operate on the "fly now and pay later" principle. In other words, they act like a whip for a tired horse. They burn your reserve nutrients to squeeze out the last ounce of energy and then the crash comes. This leaves you feeling empty and drained inside unless you practice heavy supplementation of vitamins and minerals. The concept here, for a good stimulant, would be to utilize the principle of "pay as you go". And that is what GO.-W does. A generous provision of energy and nutrients run side by side. Liquid Bee Pollen and Licorice Root are instant energy for the adrenal glands (glands, one on top of each kidney, that produce numerous anti-stress compounds) which balance out the boost provided by the herb Bitter Orange. Prickly Ash sweeps away fatigue products such as acids and carbon dioxide, and Capsicum provides the spark to drive oxygen to the brain and vital organs carried by the herb Eyebright. A person is refreshed and ready to go. When you have "miles to go and promises to keep before you rest this night" there is help in the form of GO.-W.

COMBINATION: Bitter Orange, Bee Pollen, Eyebright, Licorice Root, Gentian, Prickly Ash, Capsicum.

DOSE: 30 to 40 drops, as needed.

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