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Baffling Disorders arrow Cascara Sagrada 4oz
Cascara Sagrada 1ozCascara Sagrada Capsules 100 ct.

Cascara Sagrada 4oz

Cascara Sagrada  4oz
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Used for a bowel cleaner; Used for prostate, uterus problems, bladder and urinary tract disorders, the hysterectomy, ear, throat, lung, liver, eye, sinus and cold infections

CASCARA SAGRADA - The bark of this wonderful tree provides us with one of the most wonderful bowel cleaners found in nature. Its name, in Spanish, means bark-sacred or sacred bark. This is as natural a solution to bowel problems as you can find. This is what animals in nature nibble on to stay regular. Cascara Sagrada gives the bowel the strength to move. A few drops of the tea on the exposed intestines of a recently sacrificed laboratory white rat will cause the intestines to move. You can imagine what it can do for a live person. Responsible people enjoy the benefit of this herb to obtain one easy and complete bowel movement per meal just as was intended by nature. Bowel wastes removed more frequently in this way, prevent all manner of mischief, including prostate problems, uterus problems, bladder and urinary tract disorders, the hysterectomy, ear, throat, lung, liver, eye, sinus and cold infections, etc. Bowel wastes, when not frequently eliminated, are reabsorbed from the colon into the rest of the body and seek to be eliminated through emergency exits such as skin, lungs, ears, throat, sinuses, etc. You could tear out and throw away fully one third of all the so called dis-eases of medical books with the practice of good bowel management. Even if you did make Cascara Sagrada a habit, so what. It would be a good habit. Then energy surges back into the body as a side effect of good bowel management. The body no longer has to try to deal with backed-up bowel poisons and a new and better day does dawn.

DOSE:   Evening or before breakfast, 40 to 80 drops or more in juice (Cascara Sagrada is bitter) as needed to promote one bowel movement per meal. In chronic constipation, up to a tablespoon each evening, if needed, to blast things loose. If capsules are preferred, 1 to 4 capsules instead. A good idea is to start with one capsule and work your way upward as needed and desired.

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