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Oil of Cajeput 1oz

Oil of Cajeput 1oz
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Bites, insects, parasites, poisoning, allergies, pain, sprains and aches, serious injury, colds, cough and flu, stopped-up nose, antiseptic, canker sores, cold sores, expel mucus, sore throat, earache, headache, head lice, yeast problems, swollen breasts,

OIL OF CAJEPUT [cad'-ju-put]

Oil of Cajeput comes to us from the tropics of India and the Molucca Islands of Indonesia. This small tree, or tall bush with drooping limbs, is much like a weeping willow, with multiple layers of paper-like-thin bark. Cajeput oil is related, in function, to something called tea tree oil, but the action, and not unpleasing taste of Cajeput, is preferred by a great many herbalists.

In spite of its tropical home in a humid, hot environment, the Cajeput tree does not fall prey to fungus or infections because of the antibiotic oil which circulates in its sap [circulatory fluid]. It maintains very good health, thank you. This oil can be taken by people for the same purpose. If candida yeast infections are a problem, then mix three to four drops with a little food and eat at each meal.

Naturally, to prevent reinfection, drug antibiotics must be eliminated from the diet, as well as meats, where the animals have been fed on antibiotics as part of their diet. Another thing to consider, is possible reinfection where the yeast problem would be traded back and forth. In this respect, sexual partners must exercise care to prevent reinfection.

*A bowel program is also a must to eliminate the bowel residues which play host to, and furnish a convenient home base for the yeast to retreat to or attack from. If a cold or the flu, sprinkle a few drops of Oil of Cajeput on a handkerchief or tissue and breathe deeply, as needed, to keep nostrils open. To open stopped up sinuses immediately, put one drop of Oil of Cajeput in one half cup of water [distilled is best] and irrigate the nose, lean the head back and sniff several drops through the nose into the throat.

An eyedropper is a good aid to this procedure. In cases of flu, fever, tight chest and or laryngitis, place one to two drops directly on the tongue and apply several drops to the throat and chest area. Cover up and sweat the mucus loose as the oil penetrates and breaks up the infected mucus. You may cough up mucus as tough as tire treads, but you will be well in a very short time. Oil of Cajeput is a pain reliever if sinus blockages or headaches occur. Apply the oil to the painful area and the pain leaves.

The same can be done for toothaches or tooth abscesses, to clean them. Place one drop of the oil on a cotton ball and lay between the gums and cheek and leave there until relief. For external sores and abscesses that just won't heal, mix one part Oil of Cajeput with three parts olive oil, place on gauze and lay over the area. The area will slough off diseased tissue and build healthy, pink, repaired tissue in short order. For relief of swollen breast(s) due to congestion, apply full strength to breast(s) externally as needed.

For boils and carbuncles [multiple boils involving an area], generously rub the Oil of Cajeput directly on the area. The oil will penetrate at once and relieve the pain, and mix with the purulent [pus] material and push it out or dissolve it. Oil of Cajeput is very handy to have around the house for ordinary cuts and scrapes, as well as, serious cuts and gashes.

In these cases apply, as needed, full strength to heal without a scar and prevent infection. You need not medically wash the area and cause more pain. Just apply, or let drip on, the Oil of Cajeput. Swellings around the toenails or fingernails are repaired by a few drops directly applied. Ringworm and external fungus infection, such as athletes foot, are also quickly dispatched by Cajeput. If dryness occurs in the area where Oil of Cajeput is used, also apply oil from 100 units vitamin E with Selenium capsules. If head lice, mix one part Oil of Cajeput with three parts of olive oil and apply to the scalp.

Leave on overnight and shampoo next morning. Repeat each evening until free of lice. Then, 10 days after free of lice, repeat process to kill any remaining lice or hatched eggs. In cases of colitis problems with hemorrhages, apply 80 drops of Oil of Cajeput, three times per day to the abdominal area. When erosion of the cervix occurs, douche daily with 5 drops of Cajeput in one cup of distilled water.

The same mixture can be used as a vaginal douche for gonorrhea. Impatigo [a highly infectious rash of yellow, pus-filled skin blisters] can be fully corrected in a short time by direct applications. Oil of Cajeput is truly a potent weapon among our herbal resources for building better health naturally.

Dose | As given above. For mosquito and insect bites, apply directly to the area. To repel mosquitoes, apply externally to exposed area. Do not get in the eyes. If this happens accidentally, flush with water.

This information is about historical observations and historical information relating to herbs. This information is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice by licensed physicians. A person should consult a physician regularly in all matters relating to medical problems, especially in matters of diagnosing, treating or curing diseases or other physical or mental conditions. This information has not been verified by the American Medical Association or the Food and Drug Administration.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews:

Servant  (Monday, 29 August 2011)
Rating: 0
March 9, 2010

I am writing to say thank you! My five year old daughter fell off the bed while jumping on it with her brother. She broke her arm.

It was broken in a place where they could not cast it. All I could do was wrap her arm against her body with an ace bandage.

A friend of mine, who was always telling me about Cajeput and Pure Herbs, gave me some Arnica and Big Five plus Two.

Every day I put both on her arm, after bathing her, and then wrapped the arm.

She liked them and said they made her arm feel better! When I took her back to the doctor they said her arm had healed completely!

I am so thankful to the Lord, my friend who gave me the herbs and Pure Herbs! I would also like to share my experience with Big Five plus Two.

I have a back problem and my chiropractor said that he would like to pop my neck to help improve my back.

I was afraid so I told him next time we can try it. For two weeks I put the Big Five plus Two on my neck and when I went back to my chiropractor he popped my neck.

It was not painful and he said it was very easy to pop! Again thanks!

One more thing I would like to comment on is the Oil of Cajeput.

My same friend that I mentioned above, told me about and sold me some Oil of Cajeput.

My four children, myself and my husband were all sick with a bad cold. I put Oil of Cajeput on our feet, chest, back, throat and nose.

That same night no one woke up coughing or unable to breathe! Now, I use Oil of Cajeput all of the time for all sorts of problems.

My dad had a kidney stone and was in terrible pain.

She was so smart and kind and helped me to help him through it. Thank you!

—Love in Christ, M.S., Westminster, Colorado [USA]

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