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Uva Ursi 4ozV.M.-W 4oz

V.M.-W 1oz

V.M.-W  1oz
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V.M.-W 1oz

V.M.-W  1oz

Vital minerals for body, restore electrolytes, prevent/relieve fluid retention, dissolves buildup of acid crystals

V.M.-W (Vital Minerals) - A first class source of vital minerals for body maintenance and satisfying body cravings for minerals; and, to neutralize and prevent acid conditions. V.M.-W can be employed successfully, to restore and maintain electrolytes (those minerals vital to the operation of the nerves and the functions they control). A specialized use of this is to make successive applications of V.M.-W (or the formula A.C.S.), in the quantities needed, to cover the soles of the feet, ankles and calves of the legs of a person who is about to have an operation or a person who has just had and operation, to counteract the effects of surgical shock. This is especially important if they are having trouble regaining consciousness. Prevents and relieves fluid retention, and opens obstructions of the spleen. V.M.-W dissolves buildup of acid crystals and cleans, internally, to clear up eczema. V.M.-W can be used to dissolve obstructions in the body, such as: plugs of fat in the blood stream, pieces of rock or grit in tubes and ducts, and does so in such a manner that the rocks and fat plugs become liquified and can be passed harmlessly out of the body.

COMBINATION: Kelp, Dandelion Root, Alfalfa.

DOSE: 10 to 40 drops after meals, or 3 times per day and as given above.

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