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P.N.-W 4ozPapaya Mints 4oz

Papaya Mints 1oz

Papaya Mints 1oz
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Papaya Mints 1oz

Papaya Mints 1oz

For oxygenation; source of iron and potassium; for muscular strength; for stabilizing of blood sugar; expels gas; for infant colic; to reduce fever; corrects burning urination; to aid proper digestion

PAPAYA MINTS - It is a peculiarity that most of the things that are good for us don't always taste very good. This formula is an exception. For thousands of years, tradition has delegated admiration for the cooling and refreshing effects of Peppermint (Egyptian remembrances to the departed from as far back as 1,000 B.C. contain Peppermint as a farewell for the hereafter). There is no adequate description for its flavor and oxygenating qualities unless you have tasted it. The same can be said for Spearmint. Both of these mints have a very "soothing" and pleasing affect on the stomach and tongue. Both Peppermint and Spearmint are much used and loved as tea and flavoring for toothpastes, candies, mouthwashes and chewing gum. Peppermint also provides a rich source of iron for energy and is one of the truly good tasting sources of the mineral Potassium for muscular strength and stabilizatiom of blood sugar. Peppermint tea expels gas and has long been a favorite of mothers for baby's bottle. This is especially useful for the gas condition known as infant colic. Spearmint has proven itself successful to reduce fever and correct burning urination and difficulty urinating. The ripe yellow-orange Papaya fruit is the vegetable digestaid of the "South Seas". It is gentle, and as a bonus, good tasting. Folk wisdom in those areas dictate its daily use as a treat and an aid to proper digestion. Modern science has now confirmed the fact that Papaya does indeed contain digestive enzymes (complex substances produced by a living system that cause changes necessary for life without themselves being changed) which do digest protein and other types of food in the stomach. Once again folk wisdom has been reaffirmed. The combination of Papaya and the double mints of Peppermint and Spearmint produce a winning team for the stomach and digestive tract, taken from all vegetable sources. Its taste is such a treat to even the most "stubborn sufferers", that they look forward to its use and stop spewing out so much venom from digestive upset. For us normal digestive sufferers, we too now have a digestaid that tastes good.

COMBINATION: Papaya, Peppermint Leaf, Spearmint Leaf.

DOSE: 40 to 80 drops or more, if needed, as needed, at each meal.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews:

VolunteerHP  (Wednesday, 27 April 2011)
Rating: 5
Feburary 2003

I have had a terrible problem with acid-reflux for several years. My chiropractor says I have a hiatal hernia. About every two to three months she(my chiropractor) has had to pull the hernia down. When she does this procedure it hurts like crazy, but the end result is I don’t have the reflux problem for a month or two.

Last year my chiropractor was away for three weeks and I
was suffering terribly. I couldn’t even sleep well at night because of the reflux. So I pulled out all of my herb books and researched like crazy to find something that could possibly help my situation. What I found was by using Papaya Mints and Formula Twelve 40-80 drops before meals I don’t suffer from the reflux problem.

It is truly amazing! I wish I would have found this solution years ago. Since using these two herbs together, I have not had to have my chiropractor pull the hernia down and endure that pain. I’m very grateful and fortunate to
have the herbs at my fingertips.


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